Chiropractic care is not only safe for expecting moms but can also facilitate a more comfortable experience. In fact, chiropractic adjustments promote a healthy, stress-free pregnancy by removing stress to the spine and pelvis as well as relieve muscle aches and nausea.

Dr. Harrison is trained to accommodate the special needs of pregnant women. Advanced training and Certification in the Webster Technique set him apart as go to chiropractor for pregnancy in Nampa and throughout the Treasure Valley. Adjustments are modified to avoid undue pressure on the abdomen and baby. Dr. Harrison specialized pregnancy related sciatica, low back pain and pubic bone pain (aka symphysis pubic disorder).


During pregnancy there are many changes in a woman’s physiology that prepare her for labor and delivery. The most obvious change is the normal weight gain and growing belly as the baby grows. With an enlarged abdomen the center of gravity changes and places increased stress on the low back. As the baby and uterus grow together additional stress is placed on the mother’s pelvis. Over the course of 9 months this added stress can expose weaknesses in the mother’s low back and pelvis resulting in significant discomfort and even radiating pain into her legs. It is not uncommon for a woman to complain of pain in her pubic bone as well.

According to research, up to 7 out of 10 women deal with significant back pain during their pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses into the third trimester these symptoms can often continue to progress as well. If back pain isn’t enough, as the baby takes up more space additional symptoms, other than back pain, can result. Everything from cramping to digestive issues can accompany a difficult pregnancy.


Dr. Harrison has the experience to provide you a personalized plan to help you have a smooth and pleasant a pregnancy as possible. Because of his advanced training and certification in the Webster Technique Dr. Harrison is the trusted Chiropractor for many OB/GYN’s and Midwives in the Treasure Valley.

Maintaining a healthy spinal alignment decreases stress and assists the body in functioning the way it was designed during this special time for expecting moms. By seeking chiropractic care proactively, you can both ensure your baby develops healthily and your well-being.

Harrison Family Chiropractic in Nampa is committed to offering gentle, safe, natural, and effective care for you and your baby. Contact us today if you have any questions about and be sure to take advantage of our free consultation.