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Meet Dr. Harrison

dr todd harrison


I was born one month pre-mature and weighed only 5 pounds at birth.  After the doctors did everything they could the doctors sent me home with.  I was sent home weighing 4 pounds.  I would randomly stop breathing, and couldn’t keep food down.

Following the recommendation of some friends my parents took me to see Dr. Fuller, a chiropractor.  With nothing to lose and my life to gain they placed their trust in his hands and education.  Following my first adjustment I kept my first meal down.  After some follow up care my condition stabilized and I haven’t quit thriving since.

Always wanting to help people, it only seemed natural for me to become a chiropractor and try to give back to others what was given to me - LIFE.  It is now my mission and aim to help as many people as I can to get back in the game of life by restoring and improving their function by way of the chiropractic adjustment.


I studied Chiropractic at Parker University one of the top Chiropractic Colleges in the world.  Parker offers 9 different adjusting techniques, including extremity adjusting (i.e. shoulder, knee, TMJ etc.).

While in school I attended several extra-curricular seminars and was able to greatly enhance my adjusting skills.  I also learned an additional technique ‘Prone Specific’.  Prone Specific is an innovative gentle, comfortable and highly effective technique.


Due to its gentle nature both for the patients and myself I predominately use Prone Specific in my office.  Up to 90% of my patients respond favorably to this technique.  If a patient doesn’t respond as anticipated, or if the patient prefers, I will incorporate the Diversified Chiropractic technique.  I am also very proficient in extremity adjusting.  I will use whatever technique is necessary to help my patients heal optimally and to stabilize their condition.


Dr. Harrison met his wife, Brittany, at Oklahoma State University. They have two children, Lydia Rose and Dakota Jack.  They all enjoy spending time outside and especially riding horses whenever possible.  When Dr. Harrison is not taking care of his family he enjoys playing basketball, golfing and creating useful pieces of art through woodworking and leatherwork.

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