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Surviving the Winter Challenges

Beat the Winter Blahs! ( info here) 1. Wash Up 2. Change Your Toothbrush 3. Don’t Forget Your Feet (Moisturize) 4. Go Toward the Light 5. Wet Your Whistle (Drink Water) 6. Pamper Your Skin 7. Get Your Flu Shots 8. Fill Up on Fiber 9. Slip Zinc into Your Yogurt 10.Consider Echinacea 11.Eat More…

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Fall Into Health

Healthy Focus for Fall: Take Advantage of Fall Weather & Keep Moving The fall season is an exciting time for many. Pumpkin carvings, Halloween parties and the overall shift in weather to jackets, hoodies and scarves can stimulate excitement for those who aren’t in love with the heat of the summer. However, for those who…

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December 2016 Nice Meeting You

It was nice meeting you! We invite you to our office for a first visit offer. Only $60! Includes X-Rays, our assessment, and your first adjustment. Bring this coupon in with you (or simply mention the offer when you visit us) to enjoy this tremendous special offer. *Not available for those with Workers Comp, Personal…

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December 2016 Customer Newsletter

  GET TUNED UP FOR WINTER SPORTS JUST $20 PER FAMILY MEMBER GREAT SAVINGS! Get your body adjusted and tuned up to help avoid injuries and pains! Be active all winter! FOR FAMILES WHO DO: BASKETBALL HOCKEY HUNTING NORDIC SKIING DOWNHILL SKIING SNOWBOARDING SNOWMOBILING WRESTLING *Not available for those with Workers Comp, Personal Injury, Medicare,…

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Even a minor fender bender can produce a whiplash injury. You’ve almost certainly heard of the term “whiplash” in conjunction with an auto accident. What, exactly, is whiplash? It is essentially a hyperextension of the cervical vertebrae as result of a sudden, violent re-positioning of your head or wrenching of your neck. The tissues there…

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Most of us learned to think that having symptoms means you’re sick. But what about pre-symptomatic health problems? What does a chiropractor have to do with overall wellness and exceptional health? Well, chiropractor is a field of medicine that addresses the central nervous system, which plays a pivotal role in almost every function of your…

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Vertigo Treatment Nampa, Idaho IF YOU ARE HAVING DIZZINESS, WE CAN HELP When someone experiences dizziness, also called vertigo, the whole world seems to spin out of control with the nearest solid object becoming a lifesaver. Vertigo is a common complaint, especially after head and neck trauma. It may come from problems in the inner…

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Although you don’t often think about, stress is one of the leading contributors to many types of afflictions. It is insipid, and tends to sneak up on you as you battle the trials and tribulations of your daily life; however, the effect is significant enough to cause muscles spasms, headaches, migraines and any number of…

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Slipped Disc

Also known as a herniated disc, a slipped disc is a very common occurrence affecting more than three million Americans each year. The most serious disc problem is a prolapsed disc in which the soft center ruptures and leaks. Although it can be symptom-less, a slipped disc can also be quite painful when it is…

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